Hey Inventor is democratizing access to patent rights.

Welcome to Hey Inventor, the best patent solution for inventors and early-state companies building innovative products. Our software platform makes it super easy to confidently file provisional patent applications completely online.

Provisional patent applications are the first step in protecting your invention. They record your invention at the United States Patent & Trademark Office (USPTO) with an official filing date, and give you a year to decide whether to invest in a full non-provisional patent application without losing the earlier filing date. This provides many advantages in the early stages of product development. However, the high cost of traditional legal fees is often cost-prohibitive for independent inventors and small businesses, or at least adds stress and indecision around whether it's worth pursuing.

Our mission is to make it affordable to file provisional patent applications. We do this through a thoughtfully-designed software platform that guides users through the entire process and automates the generation of all documents and filing forms. Hey Inventor is designed by experienced patent practitioners who have drafted and filed hundreds of patent applications for some of the world's largest technology companies (including Apple, Amazon, Chevron, and more) as well as start-ups.

We believe that innovators at all stages should have the same opportunity to safeguard their inventions as major corporations, and cost should not be a barrier. We're leveraging technology to build products that bridge this gap.

Everyone has rights to their intellectual property. Legal fees shouldn't be a barrier.

Take the first step in protecting your idea by filing a provisional patent application.